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To match wine and music has been attempted many times. But to tell the story of what lies behind music and evoke the emotions and passions in a wine glass is an entirely different experience. To discover layers of notes, understand the personalities of composers and their hidden lives, to experience intricacies of their music pieces, all solely reveald to the most curious, the most inrtigued - now that is a special kind of art we are pursuing here.

Our wine&music productions are unique events that encompass the essence of Salon - a music performance, a wine tasting, a gourmet food sampling and an uplifting mingle, with exhilarating conversations touching both hearts and minds. Some of the very best musicians in the country are delivering breathtaking performances from the well of classical music. Our sommeliers and chefs are creating the magic of taste, mixing superb palet of carefully designed small bites with an extensive selections of premium-to-luxury-to-icon wines.

We host intimate parties of up to 25 guests in our beautiful premises in the heart of Oslo. Here we offer production with tree different tasting experiences - classic, premium and bespoke. All our productions have limited number of performances and early booking is highly advisable.


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classic tasting

25 guests
4 wines in premium selection
gourmet palete-cleanser fingerfood
macarons and sweets
70 000,-
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premium tasting

25 guests
6 wines in ultra-premium/luxury selection
gourmet palete-cleanser fingerfood
macarons and sweets
85 000,-
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bespoke tasting

25 guests
6 wines in super-luxury/icon selection
gourmet palete-cleanser fingerfood
macarons and sweets
from 125 000,-


smart casual


2 hours
18:00 - 20:00

upcoming productions

winter 2022
Jul i Leipzig
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sommelier's selection

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Ole Christian Haagenrud, piano
Vadim Borodin, piano
Olga Jørgensen, piano
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23. Nov
30. Nov
07. Dec
14. Dec
20. Dec
21. Dec
04. Jan
11. Jan
18. Jan
25. Jan
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They avoided each other for over a decade, but in Leipzig, in Brodsky's home, on Christmas Day 1887, Brahms and Tchaikovsky finally met. And it was awkward. The reason? They didn't like each other's music.

It would be difficult to find two men more unlike. Tchaikovsky, an obleman by birth, had something elegant and refined in his whole bearing, and the greatest courtesy of manner. Brahms with his short, rather square figure and powerful head, was an image of strength and energy; he was an avowed foe to all so-called "good manners". His expression was often slightly sarcastic. When they were introduced by Adolph Brodsky, famous Russian violinist, Brahms was rehearsing his piano trios in family's music salon. Tchaikovsky said, in his soft melodious voice: "Do I not disturb you?". "Not in the least" was Brahms reply, with his peculiar hoarseness. "But why are you going to hear this music? It is not at all interesting". Tchaikovsky sat down and listened attentively. The personality of Brahms, as he told later, impressed him very favourably, but he was not pleased with the music. The situation might have become difficult, but at that moment the door was flung open, and in came Brodsky's dear friends, Grieg and his wife, bringing - as they always did - a kind of sunshine with them. They knew Brahms, but had never met Tchaikovsky before. The latter loved Grieg's music, and was instantly attracted by these two charming people, full as they were of liveliness, enthusiasm and unconventionality, and yet with a simplicity about them that made everyone feel at home. Tchaikovsky with his sensitive nervous nature understood them at once.

After the introductions and greetings were over, they passed to the dining-room. Nina Grieg was seated between Brahms and Tchaikovsky, but she started from her seat exclaiming: "I cannot sit between these two. It makes me feel so nervous". Grieg sprang up, saying: "But I have the courage!", and he exchanged places with his wife. So the three composers sat together, all in good spirits.

The dinner was followed by music in salon. Madame Grieg would sing her husband's beautiful songs and he himself would accompany her at the piano. She always put great enthusiasm in her singing and stirred everyone deeply. It was a treat to hear her, and Tchaikovsky never failed to express his delight. The composers soon became intimate friends and, as a token of his great esteem, Tchaikovsky dedicated to Grieg his Overture to Hamlet.

That Christmas, full of wonderful sounds and complex personalities, we invoke again, with wine to match: light and fresh whites and subtle reds for Grieg's Ballade in G minor, heavy and filling reds for Brahms' Intermezzi Op.118, and finally complex, intricate reds for Tchaikovsky's Dumka in C minor, Op.59.


spring 2023
Lamour Devorant
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sommelier's selection

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Olivera Ticevic, sopran
Tatia Chikovani, piano
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01. Feb
08. Feb
15. Feb
22. Feb
01. Mar
08. Mar
15. Mar
22. Mar
29. Mar
12. Apr
19. Apr
26. Apr
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Devouring love that consumes all, in sweet and raging passion. We meet our heroine Olivera who share with us her story of loves gained, loves lost, and all those who will remain, forever.

Her story inspires devotion and admiration, channeling strength, endurance and shear perseverance of spirit. This unique, intimate and passionate rendition of the best of the French romantic music, we perform for your delight with wines to match. Through Bizaet's Carmen, Massenet's Manon, Delibes' Lakmé and Offenbach's Bacarolle, we are wrapped in some the best of French wines to feed our devouring love and unyielding passion.


summer 2023
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sommelier's selection

New Zealand
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Ole Christian Haagenrud, piano
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03. Mai
10. Mai
24. Mai
31. Mai
07. Jun
14. Jun
21. Jun
28. Jun
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New world beckons with summer breeze of change and renewal. Jazz is in the air and excitements grow around it with a fantastic dance of piano keys and playful genius of Gershwin, Prokofiev and Kapustin.

This summer we explore new world wines through exquisite renditions of Gershwin's monumental Rhapsody in Blue and Porgy & Bess. Enjoy meditative and serene Visions fugitives Op. 22 by Prokofiev, as well as playful and mischievous Kapustin and his 24 Preludes Op. 53, all paired with fresh, daring wines from USA, Australia and New Zealand.


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